Say Hello to Susan!


My attraction to photography began in the marching band at Colorado State football games.  About 12 years ago,  I began bringing my camera to games so that I could get candid shots of my friends in the stands when I wasn’t conducting the band.  Allow me to explain:  I play the tuba.  My last name is Horn.  (I married into it, if you can believe that!)  I’m a big band geek and that’s OK with me.  I’ve embraced it.  And though I’m not using my music degree,  I love meeting people who might just chuckle, or at the very least, roll their eyes at my middle school band jokes.

When I was in college, my favorite summer job was working at a small dairy farm, milking cows during the morning (4:15!) shift.  Since showering is no longer optional for this occupation, I can use my camera to freeze a few of those moments as our lives press on:  those first breaths, teeny fingers and toes, new baby hair, a wobbly walk, and the celebration of a first birthday.   And, blink,  your teen’s in front of my camera before spreading their wings and leaving the nest.  Relish the everyday, the things that are common and significant, and make those moments last forever.

Now that I’m a mom, I am all about the bellies, birth stories, and babies.  It helps me promise my husband that we won’t have six kids!  I’m not going to brag and say that my little guy is the best model out there, but he has definitely improved my photographic skill.  You can reap the benefits of my surreal patience, unwavering commitment in the face of bodily fluids, and enjoy knowing that I have been in your shoes.    And, I can give you some really amazing and compelling reasons to have your birth story photographed.

However, I’m just as comfy dishing out a few one-liners to your soon-to-be high school grad.  My background was a middle school band & orchestra teacher, so nothing scares me.   My very favorite thing about photographing the high school senior is representing them in a way that’s authentic and their very best self.   I love working with interests and because I’m a musician, I promise not to pose your trumpet looking dorky.  Us band geeks have enough flack to overcome.

My work is simple, clean, and timeless.   I get giddy over cute little baby hats and booties just like everyone else, but I like to let your little bundle of squishy rolls command the center of attention.  Don’t worry, though.  I won’t let your senior show me their rolls.     You’ll have a nice balance of props, poses and locations to choose from!   My goal is to magnify that palatable, overwhelming love for your baby in breathtaking art so that you can remember it during your late night feedings, and tantrums, and even through the rocky adolescence.  Then, I can perfectly capture that rocky adolescence, so that maybe someday when they realize that  mom and dad might know a thing or two, you can look on your wall at the moments that have passed.  So that you can pass down an amazing gift of art to your daughter at her wedding. Photographic art can and should be the prized possessions of each family, and I would love to create art with you!

When I’m not behind the camera, you can probably find me outside running, and/or hanging out with my family, (my hubby Bryan is also my running coach, which is sometimes really awkward) but most likely I’m fantasizing about the next time we all can visit Mickey!